Different behavior with Moment/DateTime in different components

I am trying to convert time stamp strings into user friendly times. Using either 'new Date' or 'moment' with mapped values in this table works well
Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 10.58.55 AM

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 11.05.37 AM

But when I try to do the same thing in a mapped link list, it does not work.

before moment:
Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 11.06.26 AM
after moment:
Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 11.07.49 AM

My thought is that because it's item.SystemModStamp there is some issue there vs. the plain item used in the table, but I'm not sure how to get around this (or if that's actually the issue). Thanks for any help

I think you just need to supply the format to Moment - the table column will provide one automatically when you specify it as a Date or DateTime column, but for your link list you may want to specify the formatting
{{ moment(item.SystemModstamp).format('ddd MM YYYY HH:mm:ss') }}
{{ moment(item.SystemModstamp).toNow() }}

ah thank you so much, that was it!