New component: Plotly.js visualization

Hi Retool Devs,
In this post i’d like to suggest a new component. You already provide the react.js framework and docs to make it work, and essentially, given a model, you can create whatever wild visualisation you would like to do. However it’s pretty verbose as you need to add a lot of stuff around the same basics. Case and point, consider this:
“plotData”: { x: [0,1], y: [0,2]},
“value”: 300
iframe component

body { margin: 0; }
Whereas, only real stuff people would modify is the core bits: domain: { x: model.plotData.x, y: model.plotData.y }, value: model.value, title: { text: "Speed" }, type: "indicator", mode: "gauge+number", delta: { reference: 400 }, gauge: { axis: { range: [null, 500] } } thus my proposal would be to create a component derived from the custom react js where you simply replace the iframe stuff with: plotly model: (here the user would add their stuff) style/layout: (this is the stuff that refers to layout and style in the above excerpt) and a smart way to shrink/ enlarge the plotly component to fit the real estate on the screen. Thanks!
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Hey @zimmerst85 and @jay-stevens – this is a great request! We do have some basic charts, but if you want anything more advanced… well you have to do something like this. More flexible, but also (as you pointed out) a lot more work! I’ve added this request + your context to our tracking board. I can’t say when we’ll work on it yet, but I’ll definitely let you know here when we do!

Thanks @alex, is there any chance you guys can share your tracking board? It’s always exciting what you guys are up to :slight_smile:

@zimmerst85 – we don’t have a way to share it publicly right now, but I’m happy to share a preview of some things we are currently working on!
You can expect to see some big improvements to the table component and the Query Library (fka Query Playground), so both will be easier to use and much more useful. We also have an early version of Approval Workflows in beta right now – we’ll be launching that as a full feature soon too.
I’m not sure if you’ve it yet, but the best place to stay informed is our changelog here:


For anyone still interested, this is in progress right now!

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Brilliant! @justin: let me know if you need beta-testers.

Sorry y’all, realized we never posted an update here. We do have a plotly component now! Have you used it yet @zimmerst85 @jay-stevens @gpipoly?

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Hi @alex
thanks for the component. It certainly does what it is supposed to do and in a much simpler setting without having to mess around with React.js components. Only, i haven’t had too much time to test it for its limits as i’ve been swamped working on other things. But i’ll get back to you guys in case I notice anything strange!