Nested List View performance


I'm wondering if there is a more performant way to clear components in a nested list view than event handlers? I have a section of an app that displays states a customer does business in and the associated licenses. Our Operations team needs the ability to edit and in two cases we'd like the License Number, Name on License, and Expiration Date fields to clear: when License Type is cleared or when License Type is changed to "No License Required". I have done this with conditional event handlers that fire on in those two cases on change, along with a state update to collect the null values to send back to our db when a save button is pressed (not pictured).

This functionality does all work, but it's a little visibly slow for my liking so I was wondering if there was a better/faster way to accomplish this?

Your nested List VIew's layout looks like it would amenable to a table rather than a list view. Nested Tables might be worth a test.

Also, the new table can now do nesting/grouping ([thread] New Table Feature Announcements). I do not know what your parent List View layout looks like to know if that is a viable option for your use case.