Using ListView to show data from Database


I tried to check if there was already a post on this subject and I didn't find.

I am using ListView to show the records of a table in a "card" perspective.

The issue I am facing is that the ListView have a very poor performance, and I believe it's because it is trying to load the entire recordset from the table.

So, I am sorry for the noob question but can anyone give me any hints about how to use the ListView to load the data from the database as we are scrolling down?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lsantosessex Thanks for reaching out! We currently have feature requests on file for implementing pagination or virtualizing the listview component to help with the performance issues. I can let you know on this thread if either of those features ship!

In the meantime, I saw this conversation about building pagination into the listview that might help with your app

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Thank you very much for the answer, and by the way, part of my problem is that I was customizing a lot of different HTML elements in my listview, and this was also bringing performance down. I decided then to customize the cards all in the same HTML element and the performance improved a lot. I still believe listview needs performance implementation (imagine a database with millions of records) but I want to take back the "very poor performance" statement because it was actually bad programming from my side.

I will take a look at the topic, thank you very much.

:blush: Thanks so much for the added context!