Nested api request

Hello this is the request from my crm system

"id": 10,
"sequence": 278,
"createdAt": "2019-04-29T15:16:55",
"createdBy": "2vSJzCJuJzGLGMsoz",
"modifiedAt": "2021-05-01T17:03:05",
"modifiedBy": "tbrrrrjeYKm2uuvMF",
"fields": {
"Art": "Firma",
"Anrede": "Herr",
"Vorname": "Peter",
"Nachname": "Smith",
"Firma": "Muster GmbH",
"Notizen zeigen": false
"id": 11,
"sequence": 284,
"createdAt": "2021-05-01T17:41:49",
"createdBy": "tbrrrrjeYKm2uuvMF",
"modifiedAt": "2021-05-01T17:42:11",
"modifiedBy": "tbrrrrjeYKm2uuvMF",
"fields": {
"Art": "Person",
"Anrede": "Frau",
"Geburtstag": "2021-05-01",
"Vorname": "Karen",
"Zweiter Vorname": "Smith",
"Firma": "Smith GmbH",
"Notizen": ""

how can I bring the fields into a table. only the fields that start from fields are important.

Hi @Magicnetworks - Welcome to the community!

You can get to these nested values in a table through a map. In the data input for your table, you can do something like: {{>d.fields)}}

LMK if that works out for you! :slight_smile: