API and use response data?

Hello, sorry i am new user, so my question its maybe stupid.
I have table, and i fill only column "ic". This "ic" i send to API (get).

response it´s possible view here: https://wwwinfo.mfcr.cz/cgi-bin/ares/darv_bas.cgi?ico=29396794
how i use reponse to update table? i have now on success point script like that:

i try column "ulice" update with value from api


Hey @mholan! Just to clarify, you're running a GET query that updates your API and you want to show the new data in your table? And I see you're passing in ic data from your selectedRow. Are you trying to use the selectedRow or the recordUpdates property here?

I call API, get metod with key (ico). API returns xml data as you see at the pictures.
I want to know, how i get atributte <D:NU> for next work.

As a quick thought, would something like this solution help you parse the XML?



Thank youuuuu