Need to build a stock screener based out of csv, help me how i can approach

Need to build a stock screener based out of csv, csv has lot of columns need to filter data based on selected criteria . Also csv data needs to be replaced daily so that we have data corresponding to current date. Guide me how i can approach this. Basically application should look like Free Stock Screener

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First and foremost make sure you can retrieve all of the data you need.
And you should probably schedule a workflow and then pull that workflow into the app so the data is refreshed daily....
Once that is done you can then build out all of the components with logic as needed using all of the data.

thanks a lot for the quick reply, if you can guide me where i can find documentation related to workflow, scheduling and bringing workflow data to app, that will be great

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thanks a lot for the guidance, one last question, I have added my csv to Retool database, wanted to know if i can schedule daily updated csv into the Retool database? Also wanted to know if there is any storage limitations for Retool databse

It becomes too complicated to update the db because you can just read the csv directly into the application... IMHO

I couldn't find csv under resource for pulling data for visualization, so how do we add csv n that case. Also we can schedule csv to be updated daily?