Best way to send a daily automated e-mail with a report (.csv file) with table data


I've created an app , which is used every day, with daily refreshed table data.
At the end of each day I wish to send an automated report with the table data to the end-user.
How can I realise this?

I get how to send an automated Retool e-mail by using workflows.
And I get how to generate/download a .csv file with table data when using the application, either by using;
utils.exportData or custom code.

But what is the best way to send a daily automated report to the end user? I want to set up a workflow to realise this, or is there a Retool 'build in' solution for this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My suggestion would always be to use a Workflow for any repeated task such as this.

Your workflow would run the same query as your app does and then email the data - if you've already got automated emails in workflows and you have a query that can generate the data you want then you're 99% there - maybe you can use papaparse in your workflow to generate the csv as the attachment to the email


Thanks :slight_smile: Good to have confirmed that this is the best way to realise it.
I'll look into papaparse as well.