Need a conditional check to run resource queries

I am looking for a feature where I want to run resource query...say in a module, I want to run the query, only if the input exists. I understand this is achievable from JS query, but having a conditional to run a query would help. I can avoid writing JS query to run the resource query.

Can we get a run only when option for Resource queries.The default can be run if no condition is given, if condition is given, then the query can be run if the condition can be met.

Mahesh V. Shet

In the advanced tab of a query you will see a Disable Query entry:

You can tie that to a module input value like {{inputSomeValue.value === null}} then it will only run when no value is set on inputSomeValue.

Does that work for you?

Hi @bradlymathews Thanks Very much for your quick response. That should help. I will check that and get back if that does not solve my issue. Thanks again.