Navigation Component and Go to App interaction

Hey team,

Navigation by default will allow you to link out to an app where I'm specifically looking at permissioning of it:

  • If you use "Select an app" it will be shown/hidden based on the fact if the user has access to that specific app
    Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 14.16.58

  • Where this concept falls short is native way to pass url/hash params as a lot of use cases require this
    -Select an app doesn't have that feature
    -Using go to app works, you can pas url/hash params but navigation will be visible to users who do not have access (they won't be able to navigate to the page - permission denied) but overall it creates user confusion

Looking for your insight into this.

Hi @stefancvrkotic, you bring up a great point!

As a workaround, we could add a "Only run when" and check if the user belongs to the User Group with the right permission:

We could render a notification message/error if the user is not part of the permission group needed to go to that app. This should prevent the user from going to the url with the url params and the error message.

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This works on cloud but doesn't leverage the native feature so requires a bit more effort.

Additionally why this is a bit problematic on-prem:

  • Permission names can change and code won't update
  • Using permission group id's will work if you're on a singe instance deployment
  • If you're using multi-instance deployment id's change on migration so these can't be referenced so combination of above will cause errors

Let me know if that makes sense or you have any thoughts about it for a longer term approach :pray:

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This makes perfect sense, thank you for your feedback! I attached it to the internal FR. We'll update you here when get any updates from our devs. :slightly_smiling_face: