Hide Apps from Main App Menu / List of App Table of Contents

Hello Retool Team -
I'd like to hide apps from showing on the main apps page but still allow the user to navigate to it via a guided path I have determined in the application. This app acts as a sub-app and is passed urlparams to query the proper information therefore I do not want a user to directly navigate to the app but rather be guided via a designed flow in the app.

Thank you!

Are you asking if a user who lands on your application should see other applications?
Some screenshots would help to give more context?

**I should rephrase, hide apps from the main app menu / Retool app table of contents

I am asking if it is possible/feature request to explicitly hide apps from the main application list. In this example below I have a Customer App and a Customer Detail App.

I don't really want the user to navigate directly to Customer Detail App, so hiding it from the main app list would help with the UX. (Granted they can directly hit the URL, but removing it from the main app list would reduce users navigating to the page directly).

I want to guide the user via pathways in the Customer App as I have designed.

Yeah, ok this is a feature request....

Agreed, its a small request / low priority but helps with UX, especially as we tie more and more apps together to build a larger solution within Retool