Mysteriously closing 'Edit View' popup


On these Edit view popups for Tabbed Containers if you click and drag to highlight any text (for example the 1st text box with Shop) and you release the mouse outside of the window it closes the popup. It happens a lot if I'm just trying to quickly highlight the value for Key, I just click near the right side of the text box and usually I'll just drag up and release to select everything but it always closes the window and I end up typing nowhere.

this happens both if the text box already has focus w the cursor active in it or it not, then you click, drag outside the window and release. it also happens if you just click anywhere in the window then drag outside of it and release the mouse.

this is the only popup I've found that does this. I guess for whatever reason the popup is being dismissed on mouse release, but only when released outside the window.

I've found this same bug in the Edit Input and Output popups for modules (Module Settings area)

Thanks for flagging this, @bobthebear!

I think this may be the expected behavior, but I'll check in with our team about another option

It could very well be a me problem and it wouldn't surprise me one bit lol. I'm just so use to thinking if I need to highlight everything from the cursor up or down I just click and drag (ok more like toss with little to no care about accuracy) to the top left or bottom right of the window.

:grin: I think it's good feedback! I am sure I've done the same thing before -- will keep you posted!