Mysterious floating download icon

I have a table which has a column of type Image URL where the images are small "icons". When the table is displayed and I click on one of the icons there is a row click handler which causes the table to requery and display different data. At this point the mouse pointer is usually hovering over an icon (but, a different icon than the one that was clicked).

Generally speaking at this moment a little popup will display; a download icon and a tooltip-like thingy that says "Download image". Here is a screen shot:

As one scrolls the table or moves around this rarely happens again. I think, but am not 100% sure, it only happens after a click-and-requery, and it only happens once (per click-and-requery).

But, it's annoying and confusing to users.

One more detail. It actually works. If you click it, the icon will be downloaded (as a .png file). However it's not a real png file; it is some Retool HTML. Here is an example:

image (39).json (7.1 KB)

I had to rename the file from .png to .json to get by the uploader restrictions on; but what is inside is HTML.

I doubt this is a browser bug, but just in case I am using Chrome:

Version 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) (64-bit)

For posterity, we can use custom CSS to hide this little download icon

._pB0Q3{ display:none; }

And I've created a request to fix this going forward :slight_smile:

Posterity thanks you. :rofl:

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