Mysql Call SP(SELECT)

In mysql, it is a simple test sp that is well displayed.

However, even if the same sp is called in Retool, the content is not displayed.

How can Retool display SELECT content correctly?


Hey there :wave: I see right now that the column value in your table screenshot is the object key and the row value can be found under name. Can I ask what you would like this data to look like?

This name is only column name.

This name is not data.

I want to query data 1,2,3.

I want Data 1, 2, and 3 to be displayed in Retool like MySQL Workbench.

[MySQL WorkBench]

[Retool - Now]

[Retool - I want result]


Were you able to resolve this issue. I am facing exact same issue and running retool in self-service mode. Please share the details how to fix this issue. Appreciate


Hi @anilr

Thanks for chiming in here. We previously had a bug with MySQL stored procedures; it was resolved on Retool on-premise version 2.100+, and it's also resolved on our Cloud hosted version. Let me know if you're on at least v2.100+ and still seeing issues!