My columns are not appearing in reetool

I am working with a spreadsheet with 2 sheets and having 42 and 8 columns respectively. When I read first sheet into reetool, It gives me like 32 columns but remaining 10 columns are missing in reetool. When I add data into the table by using append command in the query tab, all the 42 data points are being added into the resource but when I delete the same record, it says "YOUR FILTERS MATCHED NO ROWS". It is very strange to me.
I am looking forward to see your valuable comments in this regard. Thank you very much!

Hey @sharjeel!

Would you mind sharing what your query setups look like alongside some sample data from the sheet you're querying? If you can but don't want to post it here you can also write to us via the in-app chat. I'm not sure exactly what's going on here :thinking: