Multiselect with control keys Shift / Ctrl


Im working with a task list and user normally select one row (task) and work on the data it an Form.

Some times the user want to update multiple rows (tasks) at the same time. e.g. update due date, Add same comments, change status etc.

My question 1:
Is it possible to multiselect by pressing the row and not need to tick of the select box example as in windows using control keys Shift or Ctrl

Question 2

Is it possible to have Single and Multiple selection active at the same time?


Use tick-off boxes to Multiple rows by ticking of multiple rows

maybe is it possible to have a Switch / checkbox to select between single or multi select row(s)?

Hi @Thore,

Me again =)

For question 1: I'm not sure it is possible. I read this other thread which seems to have incompatible functionality requests (as select row would be another event).

For question 2: you can definitely have a switch to select between single or multi select. Just click on FX next to the row selection option and set your switch button value to make it dynamic.