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Besides having an event handler on the table for selected/deselect row we should get an handler for "Checked row" when we have multi-select enabled so we could easily trigger queries based on it as selected event handler represents only last row but not actual selection.

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I'd love to file this as a request but would be interested to learn more about your use case here!

At what point would the queries run and how?

Would utilizing a separate button and the table.selectedRows parameter work here?

I might be missing some context as this was a while ago but IIRC:

multi select is enabled event handler doesn't distinct action from you select a row (i.e. select name but checkmark is still false) vs you check a row (set checkmark to true).

Hm, let me know if I'm testing this incorrectly, but I'm not able to reproduce this.

Once multiselect is enabled, I cannot get the event handler to trigger until I click the check. Is this what you're referring to?

Oh I think I remember now:

  • multiple row selection is triggered on checkbox (I flipped it around)

i.e. you have a case where you allow single/multiple selection dynamically, your values are based on selected row i.e. row id 5 is selected (single selection) you have a query to load transactions where id is 5.

You enable multiple row selection, you have to checkbox a value to load preview data where is is 5. Desired behavior would be selecting row to trigger query (not check boxing) and use the checkbox to collect values for further actions.

Does this make sense?

I'm afraid I'm still going to need further clarification here.

So multiselect is dynamically enabled. That's fine.

In the case of a single selection, you load up the transactions associated with id 5. I'm following there.

Then multiselect gets enabled, you'd like for 5 to remain selected, and then add on any additional ids but still include 5. Is that correct?

With multi-select enabled I want to highlight the row (similar how to single row selection works) so the data can be loaded but without selecting the checkbox - does that make sense?

Ah understood!

Thanks for your patience and clarification there. I'll file a request on this. I’ve added this thread to the request. That way, if there are any updates I will be pinged on my side and can immediately inform you here. Thank you for your assistance with this!

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And just for further clarification again as the team asked this question - You would want the row selection to not affect the checkmark selection, correct? As in selecting a row will not enable a checkmark?

Correct, selecting row to "highlight" so .selectedRow can be used while check-marking would add to .selectedRows or something to that extent.