Multiselect mismatch value selected

Hi, i want to ask about multiselect, when i populate data for update it return mismatch value selected result. The js query is something like this: multiselect.setValue(transformeridupdate.value);
and the multiselect field values are id, and the display values are the name.

I already check the transformer return value it return correct data for that row, but after that query finished, the multiselect field show a mismatch value selected (different from the transformer return value), it show the data from the previous selected row, what i want is the currently selected row data.
But, when i run the query once again manually it show the correct data for that row.

What cause this issue?

Hi Helen! It sounds like the transformer may not be updating by the time it sets value.

What is transformeridupdate and would it be possible to do something like


to make sure you're setting the multiselect with the most up to date values?

allright, already got the solution, must assign it directly to setValue.
Thank you Victoria!

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