Problems with multiselect (updating and populating form)

I have table with clients and form that I want to show & update client info.

Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong but I have 2 problems:

  1. :arrow_right: existing data doesn't show up in multiselect field

Multiselect field is mapped from data source
var_sazina table:

and the multiselect field is also set to column from table
Form data key : sazina

  1. :arrow_right: When updating with form, it saves as array and starts with null (and still doesn't show up in multiselect field)

    update query

This it my first app, any tips welcomed. :pray:

Hi @Sandra_G Welcome to the community! Hmm I wonder if this is due to the form data key :thinking:

Any chance I can log in to your account to take a closer look?

To confirm, are you seeing that when you click into the dropdown, it only has null & the selectedRow item, instead of the full list of options?

hi @Tess, I am also encountering this problem with Multiselect component.

Suppose I have a multiselect component (MC) that have data source from {{}} (DQ). The MC have "input value change" event to trigger DQ with 500 debounce and min MC.inputValue length 3.

What I'd like to be:
The MC.inputValue change will fetch developer projects with DQ, then user can select from the fetched data (changing MC.value). Then user can change MC.inputValue, with MC.value persists.

What happens:
The MC.inputValue change will fetch developer projects with DQ, then user select from fetched data (changing MC.value). Then user change MC.inputValue. Because the response from DQ change, which so the mapped data source value also lost connection. Which make the MC looks like it's reset

I can check the Allow custom values from MC inspector, but will make the previously selected values as their GUID because the mapped label gone.

Hi @ybbond

Thanks for reaching out. I want to make sure I understand correctly.

Are you seeing that 'Grand Jagakarsa' and 'Asana Nangka,Jagakarsa' are no longer selected after you type in depok & the DQ query re-triggers?

Do you need the 'Allow custom values' functionality? (i.e. do you need your end users to search for and add values that do not come from DQ?

I'm having some trouble reproducing this behavior :thinking: It seems to persist my selection even as I re-trigger the underlying query (see recording attached)
Screen Recording 2023-05-01 at 10.51.02

Does it sound like I am understanding your question correctly? Which version of Retool are you using?