Multiple tabs with modules

Hello, in a combination of Retool app having tabbed container and each tab containing module replicated, I am trying to set the view of the module container same in all the tabs.

The scenario is similar to the image. When I set the input of the module as the temp.state view from app, the output of the module is the changed_view. This is somewhat creating a circular dependency between the module input and output.
Can someone help me here please?

Hello, in here:

Do you mean all of the modules must have the same container view?
like synchronized?

Yes that's right. Change of view in one module should sync in all modules

if your module have output for the changed view in a temp state variable, maybe you can use input and set it to be the default view of the containers

How to poll from the parent app if the module output has been changed in any of the tabs?

this worked for me

return arr.filter((value, index, array) => array.indexOf(value) === array.lastIndexOf(value))[0];

Thank you Oscar! This works.

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