Use of single rest api passing different url parameters

Hi guys, this question is kind of related to this thread

So, I have this api call, like you see there is a {{id}} key,

And I have another js script, where I will get an array of ids
const ids =[1,2,3,4]

I need to make different calls to the api call with every one of this ids but I dont know how to pass the value

I tried with the trigger documentation but doesn't help much

so the questions are:

1.- How I can manipulate the api resource from the js script?
2.- If i need to pass diferent url, how I can do that?
3.- finally, if I want to pass differents url Params per call, how I can do that
urlParam: corporatePartnerId - 2
final url -> miserverUrl/employees/?corporatePartnerId=2

Thank you a lot!

Have you check out the following for using additionalScope Other examples exist in this forum as well if you search you will find many.

Hi ScottR, thank you for the answer. Yes, already check for the additionalScope but don't work for me. Plus I want to do some extra things like the things that I asked.

I will check again in the forum meanwhile, thank you again!
Hope anyone can give me a hand

Hi @misterL! Thanks for reaching out to the community.

I wanted to circle back with a similar example -- I hope this helps!

Loop query where evaluates to [1,2,3,4]:

Passes each id from [1,2,3,4] to the API query:

If you want to make any other part of the url dynamic, you can type that directly into the url field in the REST query (similar to {{otherPartOfUrl}} in the screenshots)

Tess, you are a god!
Thank you, thats all that I needed

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