Moment.utc(timestamp) does not update when column is updated

I am currently creating a statistics table where I pass in information from a database, in our database we store timestamps in a unix (milliseconds) timestamp, and I wrote a simple javascript query for the column to convert the timestamp into a readable format using moment.utc(data).format('YYYY-MM-DD'),

'1681504591' -> 'Apr 14, 2023'

upon loading the table, the dates present well, but I have a script that will return a new set of data based on a mongodb query once the information is update, and once I run that new query, and the information loads into the table, the dates remain stagnant at the first loaded date.

Please feel free to offer up solutions to this issue!


Hey @KyleWagner!

Is the JavaScript query being re-triggered when you fetch new data? Also, I'm not sure this fits your use case, but have you considered using the mapped value field of your table or the settings on the Date column type to convert the data to a legible format?

Screenshots are always appreciated!