Modules inside List View

I have been trying to populate list view with a module that I have created. But it always shows the error "Cannot place a undefined inside a List view". I want to make a simple note-taking application where I have created a module for each note. But I am unable to use it inside a list view when I want to see all the notes for a specific user. Kindly help me if anyone has encountered such a situation and/or knows the fix for the above-mentioned error.

Just tried it out with a bunch of differently set-up modules and I can confidently say: You can not place modules in a List View :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don't you just use a Container instead of a module and place all your other components in there?

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It does work with containers although there are some styling issues. I can work around with using containers and then create custom CSS to do styling. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Edit: Was able to put the container in the list view, and then place the module in that container.

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Hi, I just ran across the same problem
I've created a simple Module that displays an image fetched from S3, and tried to use it in a list-view. got "Cannot place a undefined inside a List View".
This thread is from two years ago, and I was wondering if anything changed since

Hey @Boaz_Zimmerman, we connected on this via email, but also wanted to update the thread here. Placing a module directly in a listview is still not possible, but we do have a ticket tracking this internally and will update the thread if there is any other status update to give. Thanks!

Any news? We would also use that.

Hey @erispoe, no updates on this at this time. I've added your +1 to the internal ticket. It's not on the near term roadmap to implement this, but I'll update here if there is any status change.