Module namespace issue with ListView at App level


The issue reported here with the Forms: Module component namespacing causing hell is happening to me with ListView.

I have a module composed of a Container element and within it a ListView element.
My ListView element has a button to Add new block or Remove existing block. In order to keep the data modified in memory when Adding or Removing a block, I use a temporary state that I update with the content of the ListView before adding or removing.
It work fine in the module editor, but in the app it doesn't work because the access to the ListView data changes: becomes['moduleId::variable']

To bypass the issue, I've added an input parameter to the module and I tweak the code like that for the Add:

let currentData = tmpState.value;

let key = '';
if (moduleId.value) {
  // To access property in Apps, Retool add prefix using module id
  key = `${moduleId.value}::`;
for (let j = 0; j <; j++) {
  currentData[j] = {
  inputText: 'default value',

This works but I'm afraid that it may break following an update from you guys. Is there any way to solve this issue properly ?