Modal Won't Stop Popping Up Even After Deletion

Retool form. In the advanced section of my append query, I initially put a confirmation message, but I realized the message pops up anytime even when the query is not triggered by the save button (the query was set to manual)

Now I have removed the confirmation,

but the confirmation message still pops up. In fact, it pops up any value you enter in the form field or after refreshing the page
I don't even know where this is coming from

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@Chilaka What happens when you enable the confirmation modal in the saveForm query, are 2 modals popping up or still only one?

Have you checked to see if there are other queries running on success of this one?

There might be a second query triggering in the event handlers, which then shows that dialog.

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No, just that same modal. I reviewed all the code blocks and found I had one running automatically. I changed it to be triggered manually by another query and the modal stopped

It seems this was because saveForm was using the same google sheet resource as the query I changed to manual. Can't say for sure, but it worked. lol


Thanks, but no success triggers.