Modal color chooser is limited

If you create a modal, when you try and edit the modal foreground or background color there is no place to type in your own color code, you can only choose from the predefined colors, and white is not one of those choices. This means that if you choose pretty much any color you get some weird combinations like blue text on a red background. There’s almost no human readable combinations possible. Since white is the default text color choice in buttons, it should be one of the standard colors.

Actually white should be one of the predefined choices for buttons also.

Hi Cole! We’re aware of the issue and currently working on a fix. I’m not sure if we will be bringing back custom colors, but we will absolutely be fixing the ability to have white text. That will most likely be resolved today

I hope not having custom colors is only for modals. I use that extensively for buttons. It’s great to be able to change the color of a button w/JS based on the result of a query.

Hey @coleca – the modal color picker has been restored! The default combo is white text on a blue button, but you can adjust the background color to any hex value that you’d like!

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