Mobile navigation

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding mobile navigation. I've created a module (menu/navigation) in the desktop version's sidebar, and in the documentation, it mentions that a menu is automatically added for the mobile version. Where can I configure this menu to open? I don't see a hamburger menu being added automatically as mentioned in the documentation.

Thank you for your assistance.

@LinoPino thanks for asking about this! After creating a sidebar while on desktop mode, and then after you switch to mobile view by clicking this icon:

you should get this option to “Show on mobile”:

Clicking it shows this pop-up, and clicking yes should set up the hamburger menu:

Let me know if you're able to see those options in the UI? There might be a difference if you have an existing sidebar configured in an app in mobile mode already, versus creating a sidebar for the first time in desktop mode, then switching to mobile to add sidebar for the first time :thinking:

Hi @kbn ,

Many thanks for your answer and solution. That works perfectly!

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