Mobile app screens order

How do you define the first page to load when an app is accessed?

Hey @Sarat! I believe the first screen we show in an app is actually the first in the tab bar, not the first in the screens list. Are you looking to change the order of your screens?

Hi Victoria,
I found my answer in another thread thank you.

This is not an elegant solution TBH. An app I am building needs 2 configuration screens before I hit the main workflows. However, I am forced to set one of the config screens as a nav item. It is counterintuitive.
I should be able to define a 'landing screen' independant of the nav items at the bottom.
What if my app does not have a nav bar by design?
Does my question make sense?

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I agree with @Sarat.
I've now set the main screen in the tab bar, but I want some other screens in the tab bar for quick access.
An option in the mobile app settings would be better in my opinion. Using the first/top screen in the sceens window also might not be the best solution I think, as screen ordering itself doesn't add much functionality.

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Understood—thank you for adding your context here, this definitely seems like a helpful feature to add. The mobile team is aware of this and your request has been filed. I'll update this thread with any news :+1:

We’ll be pushing a fix to address this in our next deploy :eyes::tada: should be sometime next week. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback here!

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