Mobile App: Native Tablet Layout


I just checked if its possible to create a Dashboard for Tablets as well.

The answer is yes and no.
Yes it works flawless, but its just the smartphone layout. There is no chance to create dashboards designed for tablets. So I would really appreciate that.


Not sure what you mean with mobile dashboard, but a tablet layout would be really nice. Retool App seems to work nicely for our warehouse applications together with the Zebra component. We're planning to use this on Zebra pda's soon. If workin fine, we would like to start using Retool as well on our reachtrucks in the warehouse on mounted tablets with attached barcode scanners.
Now the mobile app just zooms on a tablet, but a native tablet layout would be useful as it could contain more info.

And also for other use cases it would be useful.

Hey folks! Just want to mention here for those who may have missed it that you can now preview what your app will look like in tablet or landscape mode: