Mobile: add more sizing/personalisation options to buttons and scanner

My use case is as follows: I have this mobile (tablet) app where the user presses a button and the magic happens. Unfortunately, I've received some complaints from my users that the button is too small. I can make it longer by playing with spacing parameters within my container, but I cannot find a way of making it taller. We have the Size option that makes the button marginally smaller or larger in height, but that's it. I want to be able to double the height of my button, make it a nice big chonky obvious one that you can click from an arm's length, but I can't figure out how to do that.

In my particular case, it isn't a random button: it's the scanner. But this request/query applies to both since they have the same options.


Hi @DocShades

I believe you're correct that you can't easily adjust button height, and it would be a nice feature to have. As a workaround you can use other components to activate the scanner. I like to use the Fab to activate my Mobile Scanner, which requires a hidden scanner button that's opened when the Fab is pressed. You could implement something similar here with an Icon component, an Image, even a Container... using their Click event to toggle the scanner. Here's an example of an Icon set to 400 width in an iPad app.

The click event of the Icon is set to open the scanner, which is set to hidden:

So clicking anywhere on the Icon will open the Scanner.
If you use a container with a Click event, anything within it can be clicked to trigger the action.

Could you use something similar in your app?

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That should be a suitable workaround indeed! I will go that route until devs offer this option.
I would offer you a Solution tag but I'd rather keep the topic open to increase the chances that devs will see and capture the need expressed here

Hey @DocShades I've put in a feature request for taller button options in Mobile Apps and I'll drop a note here if that ships at a future date! Thanks for your feedback and thank you @Matt_N for jumping in here with a nice solution :raised_hands: