Missing redirect_uri in OAuth2 Google sign-in for custom auth flow

I'm trying to setup a custom auth flow for a GraphQL API. The first step in the flow is a OAuth2 (Google) step for the user to sign-in using his Google Credentials.

When I attempt to test this, or use in the app, it will redirect me to a page informing me I that I am asking for access to the Retool resource I'm creating. There are two buttons, one to authorize and one to cancel. Clicking on Authorize will redirect me to Google, but results in an ERROR 400: invalid_request because the parameter redirect_uri is missing.

@fabiobc - I'm getting the same OAuth redirect_uri error starting today on an existing Jira connection. Looks like this is broken on Retool's side and affecting at least 2 services so far.

On a separate thread for the Jira version of this issue, a Retool person said she was looking into it w/ their on call team. You might want to follow that thread, too, to see if there's a quick resolution. (@Tess FYI above -- same exact issue I saw w/ Jira.)

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It looks very similar indeed, thank you! I can capture the redirect call in the developer tools console and edit the missing redirect_uri, but I can't ask everyone using the app to do this.

Hi! Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issue

Hey @Sarah_Skillen!

There's a bug that was filed with the dev team and is currently in their backlog. We can let you know here when it is fixed! In the meantime, it looks as though recreating the resource may help resolve the issue - is that something you've already tried?

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