MapBox Heatmap - please help

Hi There,

I would like to get to get this example working in a retool app, using the MapBox component only (no external JS etc). I have tried various things but have had no success in making this work.

Can anyone show me what I need to put into the GeoJSON, Points and GeoJSON layer styling to make this happen please? If I can see this working as an example using these fields I should be able to work the rest out myself.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Have you gone through any of the tutorials or looked at Retool templates such as:

Hi Scott,

Yes, I have lots of Retool apps working nicely. I don't have any difficulties with most things I'm doing in Retool, however I do find the MapBox component is not very well documented in terms of how it is used in Retool. If I was using MapBox in a webpage, I would have enough information to do this but Retool works with MapBox a little differently.

I can add points to the map and have them clickable, changing text on the app etc. I just cant seem to get the heatmap functionality working

If anyone could help with this it would be really appreciated.

I just noticed that Retool stripped out the link to the example I mentioned above. If you search for mapbox " Make a heatmap with Mapbox GL JS" you will see the example that I would love to run in Retool.

Hi @Sean_Gilmour

I didn't see any tutorials specific to the heatmap type, but my teammate, @Kabirdas & I worked on an example for you.

We took the GeoJSON download from the Mapbox docs and copy/pasted it in the GeoJSON section of the Mapbox component

Paste the GeoJSON data here:

Then check on this setting:

Then, copy + paste this code from the Mapbox docs to the style section (it needs to be an object in Retool, so we don't need the map.addLayer() part):

**and remove the source: 'trees' key value pair

This particular tutorial has a lot of data, so it's not the most performant in Retool, but hope this helps!