Manipulation data between append data into gsheet

Hello guys,

I'm stuck because after 2 days I still don't get how to send correct data to my append gsheet query to create new data in my gsheet.

I've a form with 2 inputs. First input is a number field named ​price_input and the second one is a select field named ​current_asset. The select field is mapped by a gsheet query named "getAssets" and each asset has several properties like
{Id, name, market, quantity}. In my select I use only id for the value and name for the label.

So on submitting the form in my append query I need all the props in the asset item and the price value as well.
Basically I've to create a new object ​by collecting the props of my current ​selected item in the select input and ​and the​ the value of ​the price in ​the number field.

Something like this
{​id, name, market, quantity​​, price}.

​To achieve that ​​I could use .find() like

const asset = => i.isin === current_asset.value);

return {
 price: price_input.value,

​I would like to make this object available in my appending gsheet query.

How can I achieve it? What is the correct approach?

​Many thanks for any kind of help

I think I got it

I created a transformer to generate my object and in the query I just added

[{{ transformer1.value }}]

Any other solution?