Appending data to Google Sheets is taking too much time

  • Goal: Hi! I need help about this issue, im trying to append data to a Google Sheets and is taking too much time (around 40s to 120s) and i need to reduce this for user experience

  • Steps: I followed the documentation for appending data: Query Google Sheets data | Retool Docs

  • Details: The body im sending is in the screenshot section, worth to mention the current size of the sheet is around 32k rows. However im not too sure about if this is the reason because i tried with this API Read & write cell values  |  Google Sheets  |  Google for Developers and it didnt take so long.

One of my ideas is if i write the code from zero for appending the data would take less time? Or if i get the information of the sheet and then with the specified row i update it knowing how long is the spreadsheet. Glad to receive any kind of help!

here some proofs the time is taking: