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I have a quick question tonight. I looked at a bunch of the forums and did not see anything addressing this. I want to append my table table to the google spreadsheet I have. That works. using the {{}} in 'values to append box. But I would also like to attach two input boxes from the form as well on each row of this table. so it would be like
{{numberinput1.value}} + {{numberinput2.value}} + {{}}
I have tried my hand with writing a transformer but cant get it to work adding the additional input boxes with the table data. What am I missing?

This is my trial code. It adds the map, but the map is not being transmitted to the spreadsheet along with the table data.

Couple of things:

  • The 'Transform Results' field refers to what the request target returns. I'm not sure how G-Sheets responds to post requests but this is mostly used for transforming the result of a GET/read into something that your app will more easily utilize. Instead you need to concatenate your values in the 'Values to append' field.
[...{{lineItem.value}}, {'Purchase ID': {{numberInput1.value}}}, {'Purchase ID': {{numberInput2.value}}}]
  • Using map here, recall that it returns an array of each value returned from inside of it. The way you've got it written here was returning an array the same length as lineItem.value but on each loop it was returning the same value, numberInput17.value. Luckily the above point takes care of this op, so no need for any of it. :slight_smile:
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Thank you!

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