Make multiple API calls to same endpoint

Hello community!

I am currently working with Zoho Projects API, and I have this:

End Goal: To display in retool the scheduled hours based on tasks from Zoho Projects, in other words, show the hours that each team member has as occupancy per week

Issue: API from Zoho Projects provide the scheduled hours only if you go to the endpoint

so, as you see, I need to have the project ID in order for me to get the user's hours for that week, and some of my users have 5-6 projects each, and in order for me to get the project Id, I have to make a previous API call to the endpoint[portalID]/projects/ which will return the list of projects and the URL with the project ID and portal ID on (1)

Question: How do I get all the tasks hours per user? I guess I would have to make multiple API calls to the endpoint based on the link that each project provides but not sure if there is a function or method inside retool or something inside retool that will allow me to do this?

Hi @RodrigoE! Just to make sure I'm understanding you correctly, are you looking to trigger a query for each item in an array? We have some great docs on scripting in Retool for triggering a query for each item in an array.

Hi Kenny, Yes I actually found a different way to do it but yes, this helped too thank you so much