Manual for API to Retool interface (opposite to API from Retool)

We are trying to replace our in-house app by ReTool. Its not just single application, it also has its own callbacks from another services. Therefore I am looking how to use for example CURL to force execution of particular data query in my ReTool application, or at least how to automatically press some button.

I have spent hours to search for answer, but received only countless non-relevant answers how to call other API from ReTool in opposite what I need.

The only relevant page I found is this Webhook CURL in Google Apps Script , but it does not contain neither working solution or explanation what is this and how it works.

Can you please point me to a manual or any HOWTO, how can one construct simple CURL/JSON/REST http request to execute existing data query within ReTool application?

Thank You.

Hey @yaric44!

Have you already taken a look at Workflows? With them, you can create logic flows that can be triggered by webhooks, whether from your Retool app or from a 3rd party service!

Does that fit what you're looking for?

Thanks for the reply, this will work.

But it seems too complicated to create another separate application instance. We decided to attempt direct DB changes instead using Lambda.