Call an API every hour

Hello all, I'm currently working with an API call within Retool and I'm looking to automate its execution to occur every hour. Could anyone guide me on how to set this up within Retool? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @Goncalo_Santos - you can create a query that makes this API call and set 'Run this query periodically' option. Also, set period interval (I guess it is set in ms). You can set those options in the Advanced tab of the query. Here is the screenshot:

Let me know if it works for you

It did fix my problem! Thanks man :slight_smile:

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@Goncalo_Santos - I'm happy for you! Can you mark my reply as a Solution? If this is the case


Thank you for answering, preshetin! Much appreciated :slight_smile: Adding on here—you can try using Workflows as well!

Queries only work while an app is open, even when the query is set to run periodically.


Good point @victoria! As I think of it, the workflow way feels better

Thank you, Victoria. I really appreciate your help. I was trying to figure that out because I wasn't able to update the data. :slightly_smiling_face:

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