Make field/column in table required in new row

Hi Community!
I have adding a new record to the table. I would like to be able to set certain columns (fields) to be required when I click in "Save Changed", the same behaviour as in a form field with the check "Required field".
Is this possible?

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Hi @ignacio!

Typically if you're looking to have some kind of validation UI when adding rows to a table I would recommend using a separate form component, the 'Insert a new row' UI itself is pretty limited but you can access the data in table.newRow and build out your own custom validation.

One way to do this is to have a component (e.g. text or modal) that is displayed conditionally and shows a message based on the values in table.newRow. Alternatively, you can handle validation in a JS query that triggers on the Save new event, that query can then display notifications (using utils.showNotification) etc.

Do either of these sound like they may do what you're looking for?