Default values for new row in a Table Component

What's the proposed way to set default values to newly created record in a Table Component?
I can't find any Events that can fit that need. Even the "Row select change" is not triggered.

I thought of something like "New Row Created" that would allow us to return or update an object with default values.

Would that be usefull for you as well as ReTool user?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Too advanced for my use cases

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Hey @rferland!

Having default values for new table rows is something that has come up before but at the moment there isn't a clear way to do it in the built-in table UI.

One way to approach this is to have users enter new row values in a form which allows you to set the default value for each individual component it contains. You can now also generate your form directly from your table data!

You can also set up a custom button on your table that can, for instance, open a modal container with your new row form:

You can then have the submission of that form trigger an insert query to your new database which, in turn, triggers a get query for the updated table data.

Beyond that, you can always pass default values to whatever insert query you're using as mentioned here. Those won't necessarily show up until after the newly created row has been fetched, however. Curious to know how this fits people's use cases!

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