Looking for Retool developers with hotel/hospitality experience

Hii there,

I am looking for a developer who works with Retool and has experience in hotel or hospitality :slight_smile:
Some context, we run a hotel management platform where hotels can extend the capabilities of our core by building product extensions. We are using Retool to build these product extensions and we are looking for developers who can install and maintain these extensions for the less tech savvy hotels.

Looking forward to connect : )



Hello, We would be happy to discuss this project with you. Do you have an email?, we can set up a meeting to discuss.

DigitalFlow Consulting

Hi Fabri,

I've worked with Retool and have experience with similar projects. It sounds like an interesting opportunity, and I'd be happy to help with installing and maintaining product extensions for your hotel clients.

You can reach out to me on my email here