ListView Text Input fields being reset to default values

EDIT: I have been able to work around the below issue by using a transformer to project the selected row from Table2 into a javascript object that is then used by the ListView and its elements' fields. I think this ends up prevented a dependency cycle that may be the cause of the behavior described below.

I have an app with the following structure:

  1. Table1 displaying the users of our system
  2. Table2 displaying a series of records related to the selected user (loaded from a REST API)
  3. Table2 has an "edit" action, which pops up a modal window with a form, containing a tabbed container
  4. Each tab of the container has a ListView component, with ~5 editable fields associated to individual fields from the selected row of the record from Table2
  5. Each ListView element's text input field have a default value set to the selected record's field's value (if one is set), using a Javascript snippet similar to:

The above works great, and populates each row of the list view's data with the current values of the selected record to edit. But, any modifications made to the fields are overwritten < 1 second later with the default value, making it impossible for a user to effectively edit the fields. This happens while the cursor is still in the text input, without blurring.

I don't see anything in the Debug window, but I do see some logs being written to the Chrome console each time, 3 rows of: Performance log: handling commit changeset: 53.05419921875 ms (with different ms values).

I experience this in edit, preview, and regular usage modes.

Is there a way to prevent the list view input fields from re-evaluating the default value on every change?