ListBox wrap behaviour for line items on mobile

Just looking to wrap list items in the listbox if the text is too long on mobile.
Currently, it's hiding the text.
Any ideas if this is possible? Couldn't find anything so far.

I found this property for the listbox component. (labelWrap)
{{ listbox1.labelWrap = true }}
Just wondering where is should declare the state. Any tips? Thanks

Ok, so I found I can set the state with a button, but it's still not changing the property.
Perhaps I'm still doing something wrong.

Realised the labelWrap is for the Listbox Label, not the labels of each item inside the listbox. So I am guessing I will need to add some custom CSS to make it wrap?

For anyone else looking, I added this CSS and it's working.
._MZLze {
overflow:visible !important;
white-space: pre-wrap !important;


Not sure if the class name of the div is always the same, but this is working now.
It would be helpful to have this as on option on the listbox component.

Screenshot at Dec 22 20-09-01