Change Text Input icon adornment color

Hi, I've been trying to setup my input to have a slightly different case of "warning"-level validation. I have data like this:

  "title": {
    "id": 120,
    "defaultText": "Meatballs",
    "translationsByTextId": {
      "nodes": [
          "languageCode": "da",
          "translationText": "Frikadeller"
          "languageCode": "fi",
          "translationText": "Lihapullat"

which is to be editable one language at a time. I want to display an indicator for when any supported language is missing text though. I've managed this via suffixIcon but the default color is not apparent enough. See image:


Is there any way to change this color? The only style on Text Input for adornment seems to be related the input outline.

you could do this with custom CSS (available in the three dots at the top -> scripts and styles -> CSS).

your class is likely to be unique to the component so it won't exactly match my image but should be enough to help you get started

Thanks for the reply! Sadly this doesn't work since the input field is in a module and not an app. There seems to be no way of adding custom CSS to modules?

Hi @Herge, you're correct about css in modules :disappointed: I'll post here if we're able to ship a fix for module css!

Could you try using the global CSS option under advanced org-wide settings?

BTW, I dont see any CSS tab in mine, is this somewhere else now?

Hi @cworf

Css does not work in modules once they are moved to an app, but if you want to add css to your apps, you can add css here (top left corner):

For adding global css across all apps, go to Organization Settings -> Advanced

Hmm, Here is my app settings area.

Hi @cworf Thanks for sending a screenshot! This looks like our Mobile apps editor, which doesn't have these options, unfortunately :disappointed: My apologies! I should've clarified

oh! My apologies I thought I had been searching the mobile category when I found this! haha. nevermind. so, no dynamic button color changing on mobile then?

Not currently :disappointed: I can request a feature for this though!