List of component data from Retool PostgreSQL db

I have a module called 'Menu' using a 'navigation' component. I would like to fetch a list of the menu items from the module to use in another app but I can't seem to see them. Does anyone know if/where they are stored in the Retool PostgreSQL database (on-prem) for me to pull down a list.

I couldn't find the data but i found a work around. This is to design a change request app allowing users to select an app and submit a change request/bug fix to our department.

What I ended up doing was using the below SQL and in the description of each app I want returned i added in a 'ㅤ' character (hangul filler U+3164). That returns me a list of apps I can use for a dropdown.


FROM pages
WHERE description LIKE '%ㅤ%';

Hey @rcanpolat! Glad you were able to find a workaround :slight_smile: for your original question, could you clarify what you mean by menu items?

Menu items like on the right side of this image. I can't read them when the menu is a module.

Ah, got it! Filed—thank you :slight_smile: