List Component: User eddited numbers persist even after list data is changed

I'm building an app where data is displayed to the user on the list view; user is able to edit the data , but if the index of the comonent is removed and then a new entry is displayed at the pace of that index user input remains.
state1: (8888 is user changed number)



I'm storing the changes to the variables via event handlers on components. The data in the variables is correct but the user get's displayed the wrong number.

Is this expected behavior of the component?
One workaround I tought of was to reset state of the list component on every input change, but this is not supported on event handlers for the list?
EDIT: Reset Value of the components within the list works, but it resets just the first value of them. Manually clicking Reset State on component works, but I can not figure out how to trigger this with JS.

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Hi @Gasper_Anderle! Could you share a screencap of your list view configuration? Is the primary key property set, and if so, to what?

I have a similar issue. I have a list view which has checkbox and number inputs inside. data source is a local variable and when replacing the variable with new data all input values are updated as expected. However, if user had changed the inputs, that value stays there no matter how many times you replace the variable, and when showing that attribute with text we see even the text is updated correctly for example for is updated for it but not for the checkbox which is set to
As a workaround, when I click on reset state in the component menu, it updates to correct value, however I can't figure out a way to trigger this reset state in a trigger script.