Link forms together

Is it possible to link forms together so they travel together when the browser width changes?

Can you explain a bit more? Are you moving from page to page? If you have two forms and you widen the browser window do you want the forms to be the same width or the full width of the browser?

Scott, my layout is like this picture. There are 2 forms located adjacent to each other, but if the browser width gets too narrow, the form on the left seems to move up and not be aligned with the one on the right. It's not too big a deal, but if there were a way to make them both stay in their positions relative to each other, that would make for a cleaner look.

Take the forms and put them in a Container component and then adjust the container component to width you want to so as to fit both forms equally adding up to the full width of the the container

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Thanks Scott... pretty obvious... I should have thought about that.

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