Line break in captions?

Anyone know if/how you can insert line breaks in the cell caption in a v2 table?

\n \r and the usual suspects don't work - captions doesn't seem to honour markdown and if you enter a <br> it escapes is and prints it as-is

I'm guessing it's a "no" but wondered if someone had found a workaround for it.

It might be a spam bot but at least it's a reply :rofl:

Hello, is a bit tricky, and not well supported but you need to "overflow" the first line to have a line break (the line break in caption field is not needed, having a space will work the same at least for me), if you expand the column the line break will dissapear because the text fits in the column width

That's a neat idea, thanks for that - but my use case is where the column is wide enough to show all the caption content and I want to instruct the caption where to break

Hey @dcartlidge! You are correct that this us currently a 'no'. I have submitted an internal feature request fort this, and I'll update you here as I get any additional information to share on that!

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