Linebreaks are not working in Table(new), Multiline Column

Linebreaks are not working in my table, the column is using the Multiline type and it is showing spaces instead of linebreaks. I even tested with a simple "Test" + "\n" + "Test" and it is not working at all. I can't use HTML or Markdown formats since I require the capability to filter depending on the text. If anybody has any input on what could be the problem(if it is indeed something I am doing wrong), it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Kevin_Peniche Thanks for reaching out! It looks like this is a bug that we're tracking internally :disappointed: I'll reach out here when we've shipped a fix

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Hi, is it still bugged?

Hi @seb thanks for checking in! We have a fix, but it hasn't shipped yet. It's set to go out in Retool v3.20 (so likely shipping next week or the week after :crossed_fingers:). You can follow our changelog for version # updates, or monitor the version # by clicking on the ? button in the bottom right corner of Retool -

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I am seeing this behavior still, is there a fix or solution?

Hi @lukebelbina,

This should be working :thinking:

Here's an example with a multiline string column & row height = large 64px

Could you share an example?