keyValue components doesn't have changesetArray?

  • Goal: I'm trying to build an app that allows users to edit the information and save it in the database at the backend.

  • Steps: I added a keyValue component in the table. Then make the keyValue entries editable. I created a query that connects to an api that patch the edited entry.

  • Details: The problem is I can't reference the updated value as I did for a table, e.g. table1.changesetArray['0'].property. keyValue doesn't have changesetArray. Are there any other ways to reference the changes in a keyValue component?

  • Screenshots:
    I'm expecting the job_title in the body is "Financial", the edited entry with a blue dot on the right.

Here's a success example of how it should look like when I work with a table.

I believe they are just stored in the changeset property of the Key Value component.

If you inspect the state of your component you should see something like this:

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Hi Pyrrho, thank you so much! It's working now! I actually tried changeset but I did changeset['0'] instead of just changeset haha. Good luck on your work!